888 Dreamers on Solana blockchain.

Welcome to Solangeles City.

The collection

Solangeles Dreamers - unique project consisting of 888 super-cool residents of Solangeles City.

In our plans to create pixel community-driven play&learn2earn metaverse, which will give access to a completely new tools to explore and expand our world.

Also our main educational idea for an early stage will be to guide people through endless rabbit hole called Web3 by introducing them to 1 concept & project at a time.

But that's not all!

Holders will be able to create tools for the Solangeles Marketplace, participate in the giveaway of real vinyl figures and merchandise!


Q4 2021 - Q1 2022


Hardmode developing without marketing.


Collabing with multiverse project.

3.Drawing locations

Development of the metaverse style.

Q2 2022


The Solangeles will release the 888 Dreamers into the decentralized Solana ecosystem.

2.Secondary Market

The collection will be able on Solana NFT marketplaces.

3.Secret collaboration

Shortly after the drop revealing our main partner. Holders will be able to get benefits in the Web3 project of this partner.

4.Special Secret Bonus

Secret Gifts :3

5.Vinyl Figures Giveaway

Solangeles residents will have a chance to receive a physical Vinyl Figure of a their Dreamer.

6. Metaverse MVP

Integration and launch in Multiverse.

Q3 2022

1.Solangeles Web3 Digest

Weekly digest of new Web3 projects. Reviewing their tokenomics, features and benefits. Collaboration with them. Privilege for our holders in this projects.

2.Solangeles Charity Fund

Solangeles will create a Charity Fund to support small and prospective Web3 projects.

3.Solangeles DAO

All Solangeles Dreamers will have governing power towards upcoming events, funds distribution and more.

4.Movement Sprites & Multi-Metaverse

Teaming up with multimetaverse projects and releasing movement sprites, personalised quests and more...

5.Merch & Vinyl Figures Worldwide Delivery

Start of vinyl figures production and delivery worldwide. Launch of our high-quality merch, T-Shirts for Solangelers with with picture of their Dreamer.

6.Continuous integration & Metaverse

Opening of Solangeles Metaverse governed by Dreamer holders with quests, special in-game items and more.

Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

1.Metaverse Launch

A long-awaited and full-fledged launch of the metaverse.


Big Collabs with well-known worldwide brands.


How many Dreamers will be released?

A total of 888 uniquely generated Dreamers will be released.

Wen mint?

All information about the mint will be announced on our Discord channel.

How much will NFT cost??

You can mint the Dreammer for 0.88 SOL. Don't forget about Solana's commission!

How many Dreamers can I mint in one transaction?

1 Dreamer can be minted per transaction.

Is there a chance that I will receive drop link in DM?


NEVER follow links in your DM! THIS IS SCAM.

What can I do with it?

The Dreamers will serve the purpose of making your Solana wallet prettier. Of course, that's not all! Dreamer is your game character in Metaverse, with NFT you can get to Solangeles. You will also have a chance to win a cool vinyl figure from this collection.

What is the difference between a duck?





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